Colour or Highlights should create drama, not trauma. Subtle changes with the seasons or bold hues for a whole new look. Hair colouring is meant to define your overall hair, while highlighting is a great way to add shape and contour to by tinting only small pieces of hair. They will emphasize the focal points of your hair with everything from a funky, contemporary look to a sophisticated style.

Hair Colouring

Who do you want to be? Hair colour is such a personal thing and many women and men colour for various reasons. Whether you want to see what life is like as a blond or redhead, or you just want to turn back the clock and fight mother nature for a while, the right hair colour can make you feel completely different or look years younger.

ISOStudioVogue uses the ISO line of hair colouring products. ISO has been proven not only to be less damaging to your hair than other products, but in fact it will make your hair feel stronger and healthier. Speak to one of our stylist about the advantages of using ISO hair products.

Hightlighting is Performed using Various Techniques

  • Foil highlighting: foil is used to separate and wrap strands of hair. This prevents mixing with other colours in your hair while the highlighting is performed.
  • Hair painting: a stylist uses a brush or comb is colour is painted directly on the hair
  • Chunking: rather that just create a number of smaller coloured areas, chunking is a method of choosing various sized chunks of hair for colouring
  • Low-lighting: a tinting method of applying lighter shades than your overall hair colour, giving subtle shadowing effects.

Home Hair Colouring VS. Professional Hair Colouring

Both highlighting and colouring are beautiful ways of changing your look, and the beauty industry sells billions of dollars in hair colouring products each year. But sometimes the products bring much damage along with their colour-changing qualities. Prolonged use, especially with exposure to sunlight, can cause serious hair ruin. It may even become difficult to regain the original hair texture.

The professionals at StudioVogue can not only advise you about the best methods and products to use in your hair, but by trusting your colour and highlights to your professionals, you can be assured you’re not over-colouring your hair and that your beautiful coifs will be healthy and bold.

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