Graduation Hair Styles

grad hair stylesTrying to decide what you want to do with your hair on graduation can be a tough decision.  Which look do you want to wrap up 12 years of education with? What style will look best with your type of hair? You hair length? And what if you want to do something completely different?

StudioVogue is happy to consult with you and make plans for graduation. We’ll assess your hair and offer suggestions based on what your dream ideas include. Our team of specialists have not only competed internationally with new hair styles, but we’re always looking for new trends and ideas.

If you want something traditional for grad, we have ideas to make you look elegant and classic. If you are looking for a style where you can let your hair down and still catch everyone’s eye, we’ll add just the right elements to show off your beauty.

Don’t Forget Make-up Application For Grad

makeup for gradGetting your hair done the way you want is an important part of looking the way you want on this special night, but having your make-up professionally done will set you apart. Want to look subtle and beautiful, or do you want to go absolutely bold? Include Make-up application as a part of your consult and your grad package.

Lisa is our make-up specialist and available upon request.

Book Now

We don’t want to rush you through your Grad Hair and Makeup Experience, and we have limited availability, so book now to ensure we have room to see you and make you look your best for graduation.

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