Getting the right Wedding Hairstyle

beautiful wedding hairAfter the wedding dress, probably the second most importation decision the bride will make for herself is her wedding hairstyle. The options are enormous and may even seem a little overwhelming. Planning and consulting with a professional hair stylist can make the all the difference in how you will look at your wedding pictures for years to come. Your hair can look as beautiful as you imaging on your wedding day.

The shape and style of your wedding gown will definitely come into play with how you style your hair. Once you’ve selected your gown, it good to bring pictures of you in your dress, or if you can, bring the dress with you. Think of it as an opportunity to get another wear out of your dress.

Form-fitting dresses look best with smooth straight hair styles. If your gown is more flowing, perhaps you’ll opt for a softer curl. Even the material and it’s placement will come into play. Like we said, the options can be a little daunting.

Updos are a classic style that transcend many situations.  A French twist or half-up style can look lovely day or night. Which also points out, the time of day of your wedding,may also play a factor in your hairstyle choice.

To Curl or Not to Curl

Wedding hairstyles for long hair, short hair, or medium length hair will obviously all have difference, but adding curl to your wedding hair style is a definite consideration. It can transform your everyday beauty into an occasion of sheer femininity. We all remember that bride with those stunning curls.

How to Choose the Right Hair Style for your Wedding

Choosing the right wedding hairstyle will be determined by the perfect wedding dress. This is where your favourite hairstylist will be the best person to consult with over placement and design of your wedding hair.

Complete the Package with Professional Wedding Make up

StudioVogue is pleased not only to offer an experienced team of wedding hair professionals, but our special occasion make up artist Lisa. She will be pleased to consult with you and your bridesmaids, determining tone and subtlety. You may even want to schedule a practice run so you have no surprises on your wedding day.

You know exactly what you want when it comes to your wedding hair and make-up. We’re here to lend advice and consultation, but more than that, we’re here to serve you.

To schedule your bridal party, call us at 250.740.2509. But hurry. As I’m sure you know from all your wedding planning, space is limited.

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